Yesterday we talked about stretching your regular wardrobe to maternity by buying tops slightly larger and longer than normal. Today’s “Stretch Your Wardrobe” tip is to use cardigans!

I have a ridiculous love for cardigans – which is evidenced by the ridiculous amount of them that I own. I think 15? Maybe more… Anyway, if you’ve been pregnant in the past in a different season, you may have lots of short sleeve or tank tops kicking around, but not a lot of long sleeves for the fall weather.

Kick that problem by using your regular cardigans to cover up! It’s so easy it’s laughable. Most of mind hang open, so they work perfectly to frame a pregnant belly.

If they do button up, leave them open and add a belt if there needs to be a bit more shape.

Easy, peasy, and you’ve saved more money on your maternity wardrobe :D

 My husband insisted I get a photo with our pumpkin. Hmm, I think I might be winning for biggest pot :D

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