Pregnant women do NOT like to be uncomfortable. Obviously, with pregnancy comes a lot of body changes and discomfort. And there’s nothing we can do about that but decide to have a positive attitude, remembering it is but for a time, and the reward and end result is SO worth it!

But if our clothing is contributing to discomfort, well that’s an area we can do something about! I have begun to realize that how I FEEL in my clothes is more important than how I LOOK in my clothes – though both are important to keep in mind. So if I’m not feeling an article of clothing, I’m more likely to get rid of it.

Here’s one of my favourite, basic, comfy casual looks. Simple, solid colour top, simple pants, paired up with a great pair of earrings from Grandma and an infinity scarf. Who says comfy casual has to be boring?!

Oh, along with my new skinny jeans love, I have fallen in love with coloured denim! These are stretchy, over-the-belly, just plain fun teal jeans!

Pair with a cute pair of slip on flats so you don’t have to pull shoes on and off if you go out – plus, who can bend over to do up laces in the third trimester anyway? :D