Today’s focus will be dressing up for date night! Too often I find it easy to just keep on what I’ve been wearing all day, skip the makeup and accessories, and just go out with my husband as is. I’m too tired, too uninspired, too everything to bother.

But that’s hardly fair to my man, so instead I try to make an effort to dress nicely, do the makeup a little, and be the near-blushing bride he once knew. Well, at least I try HALF the time :D It helps if you have a little bit of a nicer place to go for dinner!

Earlier in September we went out for dinner to a restaurant with his family for his dad’s birthday – great excuse to dress up, so I seized the opportunity and got dolled up for my man. Try it, it’s worth the effort for the looks he’ll be casting your way all evening, and the pride and joy you’ll bring to his heart.

This is a dress my mom bought me off the sale rack at Thyme (yay for fashion conscious moms!), a cropped cardigan from my closet (because it IS fall!), bracelet and necklace (another hand-me-down from my hubby’s Grandma – great style carries on!), and the shoes (from Land’s End), while not being HUGELY comfortable, were ok for a night out.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to get dressed up for a date night!

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