Things are starting to pick up around our house. The all-day sickness is getting slightly better – if I can keep distracted and busy and outdoors for a good chunk of the day, it makes a TREMENDOUS difference! I am so looking forward to having more time and energy for blogging, and especially to start kicking off the summer with a great 5 Days series I’ll be participating in next week.

I know, this time of year, when schedules are changing, that I can really use encouragement and help from others to stay on track with the calling the Lord has given to me. I’m going to be sharing what I have been learning about having a Healthier Pregnancy. This time around I have really been focusing a lot more on trying to be healthy, and while it’s been difficult with feeling so sick, I hope to really just encourage you to press on, to enjoy it through the struggles, and to find your joy and your strength in the Lord. The topics I’ll be covering are:

  1. “Morning” sickness
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Supplements
  5. Spiritual health

This whole series promises to be jam packed with some great tips, fantastic stories, recipes and all things pertaining to Mothering and Homemaking. Check out the other bloggers that are participating in the 5 Days of Mothering & Homemaking. I hope you’ll bookmark their sites, subscribe to their feeds and newsletters, and join in the fun and encouragement as we share.

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I hope you’ll join us!