In my life this week….

We spent the first part of the week celebrating with family our Canadian Thanksgiving!

And then the latter half of the week recovering from it :D It is such a blessing to have so much family nearby with whom we can connect for these holidays – the kids have such a blast playing with their cousins!


In our homeschool this week….

I haven’t been able to do a week in review for a while, though it’s not for lack of desire, but the plethora of things we’re learning and the sheer lack of time to share it all! Highlights this week have included:

Learning to make meals

Building Big Ben – or Big Bentley as JJ likes to refer to it (from Cars 2).

Practicing multi-tasking mommy skills :D

I came up to get them from quiet time one afternoon to find them all in Keeker’s room listening to Adventures in Odyssey!

Creative writing – I’ve decided NOT to correct spelling creative writing they initiate on their own – no need to squelch the desire by rules, there’s plenty of time for that later!

I am so proud of the initiative both my boys are showing in taking opportunities for writing creatively! Let’s hear it for the boys!

The boys found a few extra pieces of their castle set, which put them into a frenzy rebuilding the castle again. That reminds me, I need to get them to clean up their room!

Learning about spiders in science. We built a web out of yarn (they turned out REALLY well thanks to the instructions!) and made egg carton spiders.

We ate pumpkin seeds and rowed The Pumpkin Runner. The kids decorated our pumpkin and named her “Bethany”. lol


I am inspired by….

All the lovely ladies who I am excited to meet at the Allume conference coming up in just a bit over a week! I’ve connected with a couple other Canadian bloggers (who knew it would take a conference in the US for us to find each other, haha!) and started reading some new blogs I haven’t before. I am finding myself more and more blessed and challenged by these women as they wear their hearts on their sleeves and preach the truth without apology!


My favourite thing this week was…

Tearing apart my closet to find SOMETHING to wear to a friend’s fall wedding today – NOT! lol Thanks to some help from friends I think I’ve found something to wear that will be comfortable and acceptable :D


What’s not working for us…

NOT having focused bible study time in our school day!

Though we do family devotions in the morning, I stopped doing our extra bible reading during breakfast, feeling like it was too much right back to back. I had planned on starting Apologia’s Who Is God, but I think it might be a bit over my kids’ heads for now.

So, we’re working on Grapevine studies and starting in with The Dig for Kids (SUPER excited about this, watch for a review coming!) and also thinking about switching our family devotions to evening to hubby can get out the door earlier in the morning – and subsequently, home to us earlier!


I’m cooking…

Not much. And fortunately not a turkey – I’m not up for that challenge just yet ;0) Though I would have loved the leftovers. I need to get a move on on that meal plan for the rest of October. I am planning on doing freezer meals with a friend though, as we’re both due the same day and want to have food on hand!


I’m grateful for…

My church, family, friends who encourage and pray for each other. Beautiful fall weather. A loving heavenly Father who provides all our needs.