Today we are at a friend’s wedding. I love fall weddings (though I’m glad we got married in the winter)! The smells, the colours, the crisp, cool air. The one we’re attending today is outdoors, at a really cool, vintage-rustic type location (IE: BARN! :D).

I messaged a couple of my photographer friends (who are also pregnant) yesterday, in a panic, wondering what on earth I should wear to a wedding that is outdoor, a little on the more casual side, and with cold weather a very real possibility.

Both girls suggested wearing whatever would be most comfortable for me pregnancy-wise, as well as for the temperatures. Since it’s a more casual wedding, you really CAN get away with almost anything. Leggings, boots, dress pants, dress, flats, pretty much anything can go!

I was about 7 months pregnant and in a fall wedding 6 years ago, so I had a really nice, strapless gold dress I could totally pull off again. My concern was that it would be a little bit fancy for the location, but again, I’m pregnant, and I can get away with anything :D And the photographer for today, my friend Shelley, totally gave me the go-ahead to wear it if I wanted to ;0)


While I considered it (especially since it would allow me to wear my leggings without ANYONE knowing ;D), I opted not to go this route since I didn’t have any appropriate footwear, nor a shawl or sweater that I could pair it with. Note to self: when going to a cooler weather wedding, make sure you have the outfit planned out more than the day before!

I hummed and hawed over the few casual non-maternity dresses I had that I could easily pair with some boots, but again, most of them went best with my brown boots, which are a little too casual for a wedding. My friend Hayley suggested wearing the dressiest boots I had, something with a bit of heel and details, to glam up the outfit a bit.

So in the end, I opted for this!

The dress is from Motherhood, the leggings are H&M maternity and the boots from my closet.

It’s a little more casual than I like to go for weddings, but I seriously went through my entire closet and this was all I could come up with as an option. Those stretchy-cotton maternity dresses all the online stores have that the models look fantastic in? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they have stick legs and a fake belly, because they do NOT really work on REAL pregnant women!

Another great tip I got is if you’re opting for a more casual outfit, fancy it up with jewelery and hair accessories – just be careful not to take it too far, especially if your outfit is in a print!

I hope this gives you some ideas for what to wear to a fall wedding while pregnant!


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