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As parents, one of the greatest and most important things we can teach our children is the truth of God’s word – to love him and to obey him, and to develop character traits that are godly. Above all of the subjects that we teach, GODLY VIRTUES are of the utmost importance!

This is something that has really been on my heart and constantly in my mind as I go through the daily routines with my children. I have looked for and found a few good ideas and curriculum to help me in teaching them godly virtues and character traits, and have enjoyed using them.

Then I found out about We Choose Virtues – a company that produces fun, colourful, enjoyable and simple tools that quickly and easily enable parents and teachers to inspire character that lasts! I immediately got on their website and browsed through their products, finding a couple that I knew would fit in with our family and get us going on a fun journey of learning good character traits.

The beauty of the products is you can go as simple or involved as you want. There is everything from parent flash cards to entire school or homeschool kits.

There are posters, incentives, colouring pages and reward charts – all designed to encourage and help you along the way as you teach.

Our favourites have been the Parenting Cards – we’ve been working through about one a week (and a half, depending on the week :D), really focusing in on the meaning of the virtue, such as “I Am Diligent”.

That’s another thing I really like about these products – they’re written in the first person, so the child can really claim the virtue as their own and you’re focusing on the positive – what I AM, with only a little emphasis on what I am not.

There’s also a great “catch-phrase” to help them remember what each virtue is – “I start fast, work hard and finish strong” – a cute character they can relate to, and a memory verse to tie it all together.

Again, you can take things as indepth as you want, or keep it simple. On the back of each card there is a weekly challenge for your family, teachable moments, how to handle issues, and a short story to illustrate the character trait.

We added in a biblical study on Character that I got for free from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Once you’ve been through each character trait, you can easily continue to cycle through each and continue to emphasize them to your children.

Then you can begin using the 100 Days of Virtue Achievement Chart and have the kids continue challenging them with putting what they’ve learned into action.

Another great activity to do is the Virtue Flash Cards – each card has the picture of the character and the words in large print of the virtue – “I Am Obedient”, along with the phrase and a memory verse on the back. You can play games with your kids to help review the virtues – memorizing the words, phrases and antonyms – as well as encourage them to pick a virtue and demonstrate how to use it at any time.

The best thing about this program is that it focuses on changing heart attitudes – not just outward actions, but the reason and motivation for doing things. The kids are engaged and excited to practice their virtues, and having the verses, challenges and encouragement to help guide them has been a tremendous blessing.

Of course, we want to share the fun and learning with you, so We Choose Virtues is offering a set of the Virtue Flash Cards for me to give away! Plus, if you’d like to purchase more of their products, there are some promo codes you can use:

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