We’ve had quite the fun-packed last week! I love the change of pace that summer brings – the kids are able to sleep in a bit longer in the mornings…

…the splash pads are turned on and you can bet we make good use of them!

We have lots of time to work through our summer school stuff (although it’s hard to do when the days are so hot and nice)….

…lots of meals are eaten in the great outdoors!

This past weekend we attended our co-op group’s end-of-the-year party. The family who hosts it has a really nice BIG property with lots of things for the kids to do, space to run around and animals to enjoy.

Keeker was none too sure about the chickens…

….or the dog…

but she sure did enjoy her little buddies from her class :0)

The kids participated in some organized games –

and this is one of the things I love best about homeschooling: right down to the littlest ones were included and encouraged by all of the kids .

LOVE how we can all come together, no matter the age!

Friday afternoon we headed to my cousin’s to stay with them for the night – she and I, two pregnant mommas, hit up a new and used curriculum sale her homeschool group put on and stocked up for the year coming. Oh the excitement and joy of buying curriculum :D (Can you tell we’re SO excited to study Apologia Swimming Creatures next year?)

Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera over the weekend so I have no pictures of the hours and hours the kids played indoors while the rain poured down, nor the 2 hours they played outside in the rain on the slip and slide. Sigh. But they DID have a blast!

Sunday was our church picnic – again, no photos, it was 36 degrees outside and I didn’t want to lug around a camera. But in the shade it was quite a bit cooler, and we did have a grand time with friends and meeting some new people. I even ate half a hot dog (now that’s progress), though I regretted it later :0(

Quick baby update – no pictures, we were too busy last week! I’m nearly 15 weeks now, FINALLY, HALLELUJAH, PTL, starting to feel better! I’m down to 2 breakfasts instead of 3, lol, and able to find more HEALTHY things to eat (rather than my white flour products). We go to the midwife tomorrow, hoping for a heartbeat then as she wasn’t able to get one last visit.

How was your weekend?
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