Thanks to the amazing hard work of my husband, who gave up most of his Saturday to migrate my blog over to wordpress! Huzzah!

Thus far, apart from the amount of work it took, everything has gone fairly seemlessly, so for that I am extremely grateful. We shall see over the next little while if there are any hiccups or kinks to iron out.

All my old posts are migrated over, so you should be able to find everything as before, and hopefully more easily :D

Also, any links to my former posts now point to here.

And finally, aside from the hosting change, I’ve changed the name of my blog from Cafe to Serving From Home. The blog started out as a place for me to share recipes with others, but God has allowed it to be so much more! So I felt the need for a more appropriate name which keeps all the aspects of the blog wrapped up.

I’m excited! Thanks for joining me over here @ Serving From Home!

Lauren :0)