It’s been a while, but I’m linking up with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday again. I love writing like this – free, unashamed, heart pouring out on paper. Today we’re writing for 5 minutes on “Enough”.


Earlier this week I posted about my goals for the months coming up. One of them was to have 1-on-1 time with each of my kids. A dear friend was reading my blog and e-mailed me, concerned about how it sounded, that I was spending 1-on-1 with my kids ONLY for special things. She recalled times when her mom would sit and do puzzles with her, and how much that meant.

While my goal is to have 1-on-1 with each of my kids on a special date once a month (for now), my hope is that we make enough of the little moments, to look for the times and opportunities to make the everyday count.

I was greatly encouraged and reminded to take the time throughout the day – no matter how busy, how much laundry awaits to be folded, what pile of dishes needs to be put away, what schoolwork needs to be finished, what baking or cooking needs to be done, what cleanup needs to happen, and make the small things MORE than enough.

So yesterday, when I was weary and overwhelmed, I took my tired body upstairs to my little girl’s room, and I laid down on her bed, and I read to her, just a couple of books. But those few minutes were enough.

I had a special date with my girl on Wednesday, going to a kids event in Torono, just her and I. But while she may never remember this “special” 1-on-1 time, she will remember the times I take, in the day to day, to do something with just her.

And I can’t forget my boys – while they’re busy doing their lego and playing cowboys, cops and robbers, I can grab them aside and take a few moments to play a game, read a book, or build a lego tower alongside them; to get off the computer and come see when they call “Look mom!”, to take the 100th picture of their newest creation.

The day-to-day, little moments; the small things. They’re enough to make the memories that last.