For the past 2 weeks, my boys have been participating in swimming lessons. They’ve had them before, with our homeschool group, but these were a MUCH different, and definitely better format!

A backyard pool, 2 sessions of 4 half hour lessons daily. The teacher is kind, but tough, in a good way, such that she pushes them to do what she knows they can – and they do it! And love it!

When we started lessons, I wasn’t sure JJ could swim – he’s 5 1/2, but I was pretty sure if he fell in the pool he would drown.

The Boy – well, he’s been afraid of deep water ever since he was 5 1/2 and started lessons, and I was certain these lessons would be his undoing.

But we prayed. And the boys did AMAZING.

I am talking mouth-dropping good. Not only can they swim, but they can and will swim in the deep end, jump/dive off the diving board, and swim the length of the pool.

Now there’s just the matter of swimming a bit more gracefully and slightly less octopus-ish. Oh, and in a straight line. But man am I just so proud!

I am astonished and thankful and it brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to know they’re safe and confident in the water – for JJ, perhaps a bit TOO confident :D

Congrats boys on doing so well in your swimming lessons!

You’ve made your mommy and daddy so super, duper proud!

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