How many goals do you have rolling around in your head right now? How long have you been “thinking” about accomplishing them? I can quickly list off at least 10 things I wanted to get done this summer – my hubby said yesterday “It’s hard to believe it’s almost August!”. ~INSERT MOMENT OF PANIC!~

One of the biggest barriers to accomplishing our goals is making a plan to actually DO them. Whether it is personal, physical or spiritual goals, you’re not going to make very much headway THINKING about it. It’s time to make a change, and it starts with making a plan.

Checklist by lacybekah, on Pix-O-Sphere

I have been inspired so much by how much others read/write/pray/spend time in the word/bake/sew (insert your own here), and I realize it is because they have tackled it head on with a set of goals and a schedule they can stick to.

Christin has been a big inspiration to me lately in this area – in her post on 2012 Goals, she outlined an ambitious list of goals she wants to accomplish – but they’re totally doable, since she has it planned out and has people holding her accountable. Sarah Mae started the ball rolling, and I’m sure there are plenty others in the goal-getting zone.

Especially with our new baby joining us in December, and school starting full on in September, there is a sense of urgency – I need to do this now. I’ve become lazy in a lot of areas – no excuses for being a pregnant, busy, homeschooling mom! And it’s not right, nor is it fair to my family, or to myself to remain in the rut.

So, I’m going to put my goals out there, for a few months at a time (I don’t want to be too overly ambitious!), and ask you all to help keep me accountable! Because that’s what friends are for :0)


Getting back to waking at 5 am

DAILY time in the word through 3-cord accountability with church women

Memorize chapters and chunks of scripture

Prayer – boys, husband, Keeker, self, others

Hello Mornings – I’m joining back in again!

Spending time reading at least 30 minutes a day

Working through 8 Weeks to a Less-Cluttered Home (so we can cut down on excess and organizing time!)

Organizing and planning my blogging time in advance (set work hours?)

Exercising (DVD) at least twice a week, walking 2-3 times

Plan 2-3 cooked breakfasts a week

Get back into meal planning

Plan and execute my sewing projects (1-2 a month)

Call/e-mail/message people I’m praying for (growing in encouragement)



Read a book together (parenting, marriage, etc.) – and then read another!

At LEAST one date per month

Pray together


Children and Homeschool

Consistent scripture memorization – chapters and chunks instead of verses here and there

Daily emphasis on our virtues

Breakfast and bible at least 3 times a week (outside of regular morning family devotions)

Plan out at least half the school year

Monthly habits

Read 2 chapters (read-aloud, outside of AO reading) a day

Tackle 1 project (art/craft) a week (PLAN IN ADVANCE, use Pinterest)

1-on-1 with each child, once a month


Just so I can feel good about what I’ve already accomplished, here are a couple of goals for July I wrote in my notebook and managed to get done!

  • organize spices
  • organize book shelves
  • organize sewing area / donate clothes I am NOT going to repurpose

July Goals – Personal

  • wake up at 5:30 (READ: GET TO BED BY 10:30 :D)
  • do NOT go near the computer until quiet time is finished!
  • work through 21 Days of Prayer for Sons and praying for my husband
  • find and make 3 hot breakfasts a week (any suggestions would be great ;D)
  • work on decluttering the home and organizing (8 weeks to a less-cluttered home)
  • Sew these pillows
  • Get shelving for cold storage (Costco) and re-organize serveware we’re not using all the time
  • Clear off desk in my bedroom, find a place for each item (or toss it!), and move it to the sewing room

July Goals – Marriage

  • go on one date (outside of all the weddings we have!)
  • spend one evening a week reading (out loud or just near each other :D)

July Goals – Children and Homeschooling

  • Read 2 chapters out loud each day
  • Continue memorizing Psalm 103
  • Work on our Virtues and Character studies
  • Start reading through the Unit Study Idea Book

I hope you’re inspired, as I have been, to get around to your goals! Go get ’em!