Yes, I do realize that it is not Sunday. It is Tuesday. However, we had a Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend here, and were away until yesterday, and I knew I would have some shots over the long weekend I would want to use for this assignment, hence the late posting :D There aren’t any rules about this are there?

I think I went a little nuts. Warning – this post is picture heavy! I especially had a grand time with the triadic variations. Enjoy!

1. Landscape

Breathtaking view from the cottage deck onto a lake clear as glass. We aren’t always blessed with such fabulous weather up north, truly thankful for a glimpse into this radiance!

Beach landscape 1 – making castles!

Beach landscape 2 – rocky terrain.

2. Complimentary or Triadic Colour

I went a little snap-happy with this one, but I’m glad I did because it was fun experimenting and looking for the colour combos everywhere! Check out the post here for more information on complimentary and triadic colours!

This one was easy – too easy. So I decided to take another shot at it instead.

I came across this one while hanging up clothes on the line! Yellow line, red and blue clothespins. Triadic – check!

And finally, one attempt at complimentary AND triadic.

3. Black and White

The Boy and Keekers, hanging out in front of the camera.

Paddles in the boat house.

Keekers gazing into the distance with chaos and 4 boys around her.

4. Food

Not a difficult one considering the amount of baking that was done over the weekend! 2 almost failed recipes and 1 mostly success….

Butter tarts – a Canadian favourite we cannot do without at Thanksgiving!

Succulent strawberries.


5. Blank Space

Lots of approaches you could take to this one. I though about using negative space, but decided to just come up with some different ideas instead.

It helped that The Boy has a nice blank space in his mouth from a missing tooth!

And that JJ has a blank space between his eye…brows :D

And finally, the chain.  Blank spaces between the links.

Phew! Just under the wire!  ;0)

Have a great week all!