I’m cheating today. Not only is this post super late (is there an unwritten code for when posts for the day are supposed to be posted?) but it isn’t really a fashion post. With nearly 7 weeks of pregnancy left to go, I’m sleeping like a cow standing up and anticipating being tipped by some rude farm children – IE not well. Top that off with a cough that’s been plaguing me for 3 weeks, upper back pain and a daughter who just came down with croup, and it’s a wonder I didn’t throw in the towel on this series. I may still pull that card, but I’m hoping to make it through!

So anyway, to go along with the Top Ten Tuesday theme, here are my Top Ten Maternity Items (in no particular order):

1. Skinny jeans

Yes, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about them, but they really are THAT good :D

2. Bella band – I’ve tried a few kinds and find that only the Ingrid and Isabel brand REALLY truly holds up to the amount of wear and tear that multiple pregnancies puts them through, as well as holding up your pants :D

3. Belly butter

Not just for the growing belly, but also for the dry skin in the colder weather! My friend Lisa makes THE ABSOLUTE BEST organic skin care products, you’ve got to try her butter!

4. Compression stockings

Sad, but true. Even if you don’t have varicose veins, having these babies on at the end of the day when your legs are aching just provides so much more comfort!

5. Extra pillows. I really should probably invest in a body pillow so my poor husband isn’t without his pillow half the night :D I think I’m up to 4 right now, supporting belly, back and legs!

6. Comfortable slip-on shoes. I bought some from Land’s End last year, they’re an open kind of running style shoe with a strap across the top. VERY comfortable, and VERY easy to slip on and off! I’d much rather still be wearing my Birkenstock sandals (which are another great investment for pregnant women! Well worth the extra money!) but stockings and sandals are a big faux pas :D

7. Tank tops

 LOTS of them so I can wear my regular t-shirts longer as well as wear them under cardigans for the cooler days.

8. Spirulina. Honestly, I feel like the nights I take it, the next day I have a LOT more energy than most days! It’s definitely worth looking into and taking, pregnant or not!

9. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – I’ve been drinking it a lot more lately, and finding it very calming and soothing. It’s also supposed to help calm down braxton hicks and help with a faster post-delivery recovery! Modern Alternative Mama has some great info on both the tea and spirulina.

10. Dark chocolate

At least 70%. And that is all :0)