One of the essential items in your maternity fashion wardrobe are tank tops. It’s easy enough to find them pretty much anywhere, and you can probably get away with non-maternity ones for a while. But there comes a point where you absolutely MUST purchase some good maternity tank tops.

Why you may ask? Well, for one thing, it allows you to cover up your growing belly and extend the length of your regular shirts.

For another, it provides a way to take some nice shirts from border line “flashable” (yup, I made that up) to modest.

What I’m referring to is the low necklines that we see all over the place nowadays. Most shirts scoop down or v-neck or sweetheart- neckline their way into revealing more than anyone needs to see.

Especially as a mom of young ones, I need to be extra careful when I’m bending over to help them with something, or they’re pulling and tugging on my shirt, or if in hoisting them up onto a hip my wardrobe malfunctions.

Why does this matter? Because our bodies are to be kept covered up, not exposed in a way that would allow others to see what should be reserved for our husbands, or cause them to stumble – whether they’re our children, friends, family members or complete strangers.

So if you’re just not sure about the neckline on that shirt, but you really do like it, layer it up with a tank top underneath (and ladies, this goes for when you’re not pregnant too!). Stay away from the ribbed-knit ones, they tend to either stretch or shrink miserably, so you end up with a neckline eventually around your belly button!

My favourite tanks have been from Motherhood – they’re a light stretch cotton with ruching on the side, so they’re great for layering up or wearing on their own in summer.

Girls, let’s be aware of how we are presenting our bodies to others and take care to stay covered up and set an example for others to follow!

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