I had every intention of finishing this 31 Days series. Thanks to my friends who encouraged me along the way, and who themselves struggled as much or even more than I did, yet still pressed on, I nearly did. Yet somewhere along the way these posts became tedious, monotonous, editorial, impersonal, and, in my husband’s words, boring :0)

I started this series with the intention of encouraging mothers to put effort and thought into their maternity wardrobe, helping them realize that we don’t have to rely on frumpy or ill-fitting clothing (no matter our budget!), and hopefully provide some inspiration with photo ideas along the way.

Somehow I got derailed from that intention and I want to apologize to my readers! At the Allume conference this past weekend, I felt that God wanted me to write about the work that he is doing in my heart and life. Then I felt like I should be writing about family life. Then, suddenly, I felt I shouldn’t be writing AT ALL. Thank you Trina Holden for talking sense and wisdom to me about a need to find a niche, and instead to wait on him for the words of what and when to write!

I thought this series was the furthest thing from what God wanted me to write about. Then I read Amy Bennett‘s post today about finding beauty in everything – including what we wear! Please do read it, she has put into such beautiful words what I had wanted to say, but was unable to.

So, to wrap up this series, I have a couple of things for you. My good friend Darla wrote a guest post for me about easy makeup tips – she’s a makeup QUEEN, and not in a bad way! Simple, elegant, easy, not overdone at all, I’ve always admired the way she does her makeup. You can find her post on her blog here! Please do go visit, she has taken plenty of photos to show you step-by-steps and made recommendations for what products to use and how!

Also, I’m giving away a copy of Emily P. Freeman’s Grace for the Good Girl (in case you don’t know who Emily is, she’s The Nester’s sister and an amazingly talented writer).

To enter, leave a comment about what inspires you to see beauty in the every day. Entries close on Sunday, November 5th at 11 pm.

If you want to see the posts in this series, you can check them out by clicking the graphic below. Thanks for bearing with me through this experience and I hope that you were in some way blessed and inspired by it! Thanks to The Nester and my friend Jessica for issuing the challenge to me, and all the fantastic 31 Dayers who wrote their hearts out!