I am back in the saddle with the Scavenger Hunt Sunday photo challenge! This week was tricky since I have been house-bound lately, so I had to get creative around the house, and pull a couple from the (less-than-a-month-old) archives.

Street Photography

While at the CNE, there were plenty of these retro “street” popcorn vendors. I couldn’t pass up the bright colours!

From a Distance

My favourite part of every wedding – watching the groom’s face as he beholds his bride.


My big boy reading his bible, waiting for everyone to be ready to go to church.


Again, at the CNE, they had a kids’ science exhibit with giant cauldrons of soap outside and these hu-normous bubble “blowers”. Some of the bubbles got so big the kids disappeared inside of them until they popped on their hair!


We went out behind the house and took some fun shots with the kids on a bright sunny day, since I’m a little “behind” on their photos :D
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