Welcome back! If you’re just getting here, through the month of October I am writing about companies, businesses and individuals that seek to produce ethically made clothing and support local artisans in their communities to build their own businesses and learn new skills. Why am I telling this? So we can support them by changing the way we shop and make purchases. You can check out Day 1 here for more information!

I’m so glad you’re back here! I’ve been so excited to get into sharing these companies who are helping to make such a difference in the lives of so many people. We are going to call this week Kid Week – meaning we will be focusing on products that are made for our kids! So let’s jump right in :0)

Kid Week: Introducing Wildly Co.

Wildly Co. Ethical Fashion for Kids

Hayley Morgan, blogger at The Tiny Twig, author of The No-Brainer Wardrobe, and co-founder of the Influence Network and Influence Conference, has 4 boys, so she knows well the rigorous workout they put their clothes through. She also knows that there’s a problem with the children’s clothing market – it’s either massively expensive or doesn’t hold up. On top of that, there’s the work conditions in which they are produced.

After doing a lot of research on garment factories and the textile industry, their standard practice and working conditions, she could not in good conscience continue to support her boys wearing clothes made by another child’s mother.

But what to do about it? Well, she and her husband, Mike, decided to raise their voice above the clamor of low quality, high price tag that gets pushed onto the market in the name of fashion, and took the step to start up a clothing line for kids that is ethically manufactured. And it’s looking really awesome!

wildly co

What is Wildly Co.?

Wildly Co. is an ethically made one-stop kids lifestyle brand with all the staples you need, organized in an easy to choose/impossible to mismatch capsule collection. They make sure the clothes are well-designed, well-made, and well-priced so it’s easy to make a good choice.

Hayley and Mike want to be connected to every step of the process and are committed to ensuring their products are produced in a way where artisans are being supported and encouraged in their work.

Their goal is to ensure they don’t profit “from someone else’s hardship, and we want every person helping in Wildly Co. to have the same opportunity to reach their goals as we do.”

Their company has been fully funded through Kickstarter, and the fall capsule is in the works! Right now in the shop they have the cutest T shirts, and they’re only $15!

Wildly Co T Shirt

It just goes to show that they’re committed to the cost and the quality being acceptable and affordable.

I’m incredibly excited to continue to follow Hayley and Mike’s journey with Wildly Co. as they get their clothing line launched. You can follow along too, on Instagram or Twitter and read an interview with Beyond the Fried for more details on how they plan to stay true to their commitment to ethically produced clothing.

Scoop up a few of those Ts while you’re at it – and start making the difference :0)

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