This week’s Five Minute Friday couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

I have just started reading “1,000 Gifts” by Anne Voskamp. I’ve heard it’s life-changing. I’m only a chapter or two in, and already, my heart is changing.

What is joy? The dictionary definition is “a feeling of great pleasure or happiness”. But I truly believe that joy is so much more than that.

Joy is reading God’s word and remembering the sacrifice Christ made for ME, in my foolish sinfulness, to live again.

Joy is watching the sun rise and praising the Lord for another new day.

Joy is reading to my children, doing our lessons each day, thankful for the opportunity to be at home with them. Even in the moments when things seem to be going all wrong.

Joy is persevering through the trials, knowing that God is faithful and will always be on your side.

Joy is in the love of a husband who works hard every day and comes home (or comes downstairs some days when he’s working from home!) with a hug and a kiss for his wife and kids.

Joy is being thankful. Joy is showing love. Joy is persevering. Joy is an attitude that should penetrate every waking moment of every day – even if you don’t FEEL it, you can have and experience joy.

Because there is One who has called you by name, saved you, sustains you, will never leave you.

No matter what messes, disasters, attitudes, hard times, fun times, quiet or loud moments this day may hold – I choose joy.