This week’s assignment for Project 52 was to take a self portrait. Oh sure, that’s easy! Eh, wrong! My word was it ever difficult! Mostly because I didn’t really like how I looked in most of them. So I tried making faces to loosen up a bit (for some reason, when I’m the one taking the picture, I can’t seem to not smile like a clown or something!).

I took these pictures with makeup on because of a conversation I had with my hubby last week while I was complaining about my goopy mascara. He asked me if there was a better kind I could get – I said yes, for like$20 (likely and extreme exaggeration)! He said, well, why don’t you get it? I said, because I don’t wear it often enough to warrant it. He said – maybe you should wear it more. Ding! Point taken!  So these pictures are my reminder to get out the makeup and mascara more often for my hubby :0)

And finally, after taking all these shots (and many more!), I managed to loosen up a bit to get a photo where I actually look like me. Ahh, mission accomplished.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge