In my life this week…I have learned a lot about myself. It has been difficult in every aspect – relationships, decisions to be made, attitudes, discipline (or lack thereof), vision, goals, stress, confusion. But God is faithful and each day had a new start, no matter the previous day’s ending or what was to come.

In our homeschool this week… We carried on with our regular lesson and FINALLY began our study of Canadian geography! I have been meaning to delve into this since last year, but have only just gotten it together now. We began with Nunavut and discovered the lay of the land (mostly rock, frozen ground, snow in southern areas, basically a tundra), looked at the capital city (Iqualuit), people (Inuit – they were the first ones here and helped the explorers to survive the extremely harsh conditions!) and industries (mostly crafts and arts – not much grows up there because of the permafrost, except in the very short summer).

We learned a lot about the flag and shield, and just by explaining the different elements of it, we really saw how each flag tells a story – the Inukshuk, which is a landmark or “road sign”; the north star for navigation; the yellow and blue, riches of land and sea. My plan was to make a craft as well, but the week and weekend got completely away from us, and alas, we did not.

Keeker finished studying letter C this week. Some of the fun activities we did were spelling out the word caterpillar,

building a button caterpillar

counting caterpillars on a leaf, graphing and number matching.

We also read Cats, Cats, Cats, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, Caps for Sale and Corduroy. We have already rowed Caps for Sale with BFIAR, I’m planning on coming back to Corduroy in a week or so to properly row it again :0)

Tot School

The kids got into a bunch of books we borrowed from the library

and had opportunity to spend time outside a few days this week, since the weather changed from cold and rainy, to just cold, and then finally, SNOW!

What we are reading…My goal is to get to reading aloud at LEAST 3 times a day (outside of our bible/devotion times at breakfast). So far, we’ve been able to fit that in at snack time, SOMETIMES lunch time (although we’ve been LISTENING to the Burgess Bird Book through lunch – it’s fantastic, the kids are SO QUIET :D), and in the afternoon before quiet time or after. Depending on our evening, I would really like to get it in again before the kids get to bed, but this season in life we don’t really have the time :0( Praying for opportunities in the near future!

The books we are currently working through are:

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights – during this one I get the boys to draw a picture, since the language is pretty advanced and it helps me to see they’re understanding – plus, who wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw a battle scene with knights and swords?! :D)

Trial and Triumph (church history – I am SO LOVING this!), Our Island Story, and Fifty Famous Stories Retold – all for our ambleside recommended readings.

Next week I am hoping to begin Little House in the Big Woods. I FINALLY read through Charlotte Mason’s reasons and recommendations for using narration – I’m always tempted to rush through the readings without processing (I would devour books this way growing up, but not remember a lot of details) so I’m forcing myself to slow down and ask brief questions to make sure the kids are listening. No complaining yet! :D

I am inspired by…All the women I have been surrounded with lately who are eager, ready, willing to pray, and have encouraged me to seek God! Their faith inspires me to keep on.

My favourite thing this week was…We were supposed to go skiing on Friday, but we had brake trouble with the van. We had to stop about an hour from home in a small town to find a mechanic. My hubby dropped the boys and I off at a Tim Hortons so we could wait. We had timbits, they played some angry birds on my phone, we walked up the old part of town on the main street, found a Coffee Culture, had some hot chocolate, and lounged in some chairs by the fire (well, I lounged, they bounced :D). It was a great, relaxed, unstressful (thank you Lord!) time with my 2 boys. It made me realize I need more down time with them, so I can really enjoy them and not take them for granted.

friday favorite things | finding joy

I’m reading… How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse, 1000 Gifts (sloooooooooowly).

I’m cooking… Not a lot! With my hubby gone a lot of dinners this past week, it’s been difficult to stick to our menu plan and feel like cooking anything other than eggs :D

I’m grateful for… My family, their forgiveness for my failures; our great God who created us and loves and forgives us; his amazing creation of SNOW!

I’m praying for…More patience, love; a desire to study the word, not out of devotion, but out of hunger and thirst; my husband and children and I to follow hard after God.

This is a song by Andi Rozier from Harvest Bible Chapel Illinois. The words have really been speaking to me over the past week, and is my prayer now going forward.

(You can download the song from iTunes, the whole album (Downpour or Harvest Songs: Here and Now) is fantastic!)

Restore my soul, refresh my heart

Renew my life in every part

Reveal to me what sin remains

Then lead me to the cross again


Relight the fire that burns so strong

Reminding me what you have done

My one request is to be changed

So lead me to the cross again


At the cross, I’ll find a way

To live the life your hand has made

So find me there, Lord,

And help me stay

In true surrender, with you my Saviour

The Homeschool Mother's Journal