We have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous, summery days outdoors this past week!

And since Keekers is learning letter F in her tot school, we grabbed a bunch of egg cartons and created some pretty neat little crafts out of them.

Super easy and fun! Not to mention the least mess ever because we did it outside on a tablecloth (thanks to my friend Jessica for the great idea!).

F is for Frog

To make the frogs, cut out one egg cup into a small circle and paint green. Glue a green pom-pom on top, then 2 smaller green ones on top of that, then glue googly eyes to those.

F is for Flowers

Initially I thought these would be tulips, but I think they’re more like daffodils :D This sparked the idea. They’re beeee-yu-ti-ful. But we went a much simpler and less glamorous route :D

Cut out each individual egg cup. Cut down into the sides to make the flaps. Fold down if you want.

Paint desired colour.

Glue a pom-pom into the center of each flower. Attach a pipe cleaner or craft stick (if you want it to stand up more) to the back with tacky or hot glue.

The bigger flowers I rounded out the sides, we painted the whole thing, then attached a pompom to the center. Poke a hole between two of the cups and thread your pipe cleaner through it (be careful not to get too close to the edge or it will rip :0/). Tie another pipe cleaner into leaf shapes and attach to the “stem”.

F is for Fish

This was the favourite out of the three! The Boy showed his true “like father like son” colours. He painted each half of his egg cup in EXACTLY the same sequence of colours, so when they were glued together, they would line up perfectly.


Cut out 2 egg cups per fish. Cut down so they are even and will fit together. Paint the cups.

Put a bead of glue on the edge of each cup (either hot or tacky glue) and press together.

When dry, attach fins – I just eye balled what some fins MIGHT look like and attached them. PS Skip the pectoral fin. It didn’t work so well :D

Attach googly eyes, and use a wire cutter (thanks to my hubby so I didn’t wreck out scissors :D) to make two lips.

 Crafting sure works up an appetite! So we enjoyed leftover “hang-a-burs” on the patio.

Project 52 Theme: Hunger

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And leftover Christmas gingerbread house pieces.

If they’re not stale yet, I’m not sure we wanted to eat them :D But we did anyway!

I am thankful for some beautiful days outdoors! And I’m also thankful that the REAL spring weather has arrived now. We could sure use the moisture!

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