Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! Spring has taken a back step – it’s gorgeously sunny and bright, but FREEEEZING cold with a cold wind blowing! That’s ok, I don’t mind too much – not like I have much of a say in things :D

First off, let’s announce the ARA Gifts Spring Scarf giveaway winner!

Using Random.org’s random number generator, the winner is:


Congratulations Beth on winning the Spring ARA gifts scarf! Let me know how you want me to get it to you :0)

The weekend was eventful…or was it? Saturday was a dreary day, and when those days hit, it always seems busier than normal (because for some reason the kids are haywire on those days?). They took apart the newspaper and had some great fun “reading” it.

A kitchen knight showed up to help me sweep the floor.

Saturday I tried out some new and old recipes. I’ll be posting the recipes soon!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Cool Lime Pie

Sunday I went to a bridal shower for a friend at the church I pretty well grew up in. It was strange being back there after 8 years! Funny thing too, the first “shower of blessings” they did for the church girls was my shower! Time flies…

Sunday afternoon was a visit up to my parent’s. It was a beautiful day again, edging into cooler temperatures – my parents have a great playground in their huge backyard, and a trampoline (but it wasn’t up yet).

This pogo stick is everyone’s favourite!

Keekers especially likes to “do it myself!”.

Since we were there for my hubby’s, Keek’s and my birthday, we of course had cake .


The Man sneaking his usual taste :D

And presents.

Keekers got a cabbage patch doll and promptly named her “Ruthie”.

She’s been carrying her around with the diaper bag ever since, constantly changing clothes and feeding her her bottle.

So precious!

My sister wrote and sang us a song for our birthdays – on a ukelele no less! It was such a precious gift, and I’m trying to convince her to do a recording of it so I can hear it always!

Here’s a little video of JJ playing the ukelele with my sister – he’s got some pretty good tempo going on!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Continuing my reading through Job…

Job 26:3-4  

How you have counseled him who has no wisdom, and plentifully declared sound knowledge!

With whose help have you uttered words, and whose breath has come out from you?

Job comes back to Bildad’s accusation that there was no way Job could be righteous with a harsh rebuke as to where his counsel was from.

Bildad spoke with truth and wisdom in chapter 25 (Dominion and fear are with God; he makes peace in his high heaven. How then can man be in the right before God?), but it was not at all applicable to Job’s situation. If Bildad had sought the Lord’s counsel and wisdom, he may have actually been able to speak truth and a word into Job’s life. But he spoke out of his own wisdom and knowledge.

This is an area of difficulty for me – because when I am passionate about something, I tend to jump on it quickly, without consideration of others or seeking wisdom from the Lord.

I need to seek him first before I open my mouth to speak or write, and allow him to use me and my words to encourage and challenge others.

I am thankful for the opportunity he has given me to blog and I hope and pray that my blog is focused on giving him glory and proclaiming the truth.

I am thankful for the opportunity to lead other women in our small group, and I pray I would speak truth and love into their lives.

I am thankful that I can help to lead our children with Tim in their spiritual lives, daily guiding them in the truths of the Lord, praying I have wisdom to deal with the various issues that arise, loving them and setting them a godly example.