We have had quite the week. Not a moment went by that wasn’t filled with some kind of emotions! I am grateful that I get to be home with my kids and not working at least so I can take the time to snuggle and read when it’s been one of those tough days.

– Wednesday, this little kitchen helper found out the hard way that the burners on the stove are hot.

Fortunately she didn’t keep 4 of her fingers on for long and there are big, puffy blisters now, but the liquid is slowly absorbing back into her fingers and they are healing, Praise the Lord!

– Thursday our co-op group met early because of Good Friday. We enjoyed a fantastic nature hike and study in the area nearby – no pics but it was a beautiful sunny, a little windy and cold day.

– Friday, Good Friday – we went to service at our church, then home for some family time. My plan had been to do some more preparations for Easter celebration (like painting pictures of a cross and a door with the lamb’s blood over top, then listing our sins underneath – or building a cross and nailing our sins to it – or making a resurrection garden) but the insanity of the weeks has finally caught up to me and we mostly just collapsed in exhaustion.

For dinner we had lamb and flat bread and a REALLY great family discussion, talking and thinking a lot about the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. In awe of how God redeems the times when my best effort is put in but my plans fail – he has a bigger plan!

– Saturday we had some long-time friends over for dinner. They introduced us to a much superior way to cooking steak than BBQ’ing it :D Then my hubby played with his food and made amuse-bouche (IE tiny food :D Can you believe people pay top dollar for food like this?!)

Then we heard screams and yells from upstairs and thought the boys were fooling around. Then we heard desperate calling for help. Pictures of a boy hanging from the bunk bed flashed through my mind. Dashed up the stairs faster than I’ve ever moved, to The Boy on the floor gushing blood out of his head – thankfully I know head wounds bleed worse than anything else. A 2 1/2 hour visit to the ER and a 2 minute solution (thankfully only steri-strips and super glue!) and a boy tired of telling the story = epic dinner party.

– Sunday, the Easter celebration at church, with a cheer – leading worship with the kids ministry, they cheered their hearts out! Family time with the hub’s side, 30 + people, cupcakes, turkey and cousin time.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Thankful for a lot – especially Christ’s sacrifice for me in my helpless, sinful estate. Thankful for family vacation time starting next week! Things will be quiet around here, taking a much needed break. Appreciating all your comments and encouragement!

Counting to 1,000 Gifts

351. My Bible in hand and the many bibles in our home.

352. New life in Christ for family and friends.

353. My coffee cup

354. No-bake energy balls.

355. Frozen grape treats

356. Cleans walls the kids help with.

357. Clouds of coconut.

358. A blank sheet of paper waiting for more gifts.

359. A new bread recipe.

360. A bean sprouting.

361. Hebrews 3:13 Exhort one another daily.

362. Job 36:24 Remember to extol his work of which men have sung.

363. Luke 6:36 Mercy

364. Nature hike with our co-op group

365. Quiet and nap time to read.

366. Hubby walking in the door.

367. Box of chocolate from hubby’s work.

368. Hot cross buns.

369. Lamb for dinner on Good Friday.

370. Table conversations about Christ’s sacrifice.