I should start calling this Project 52….every other week. I’m not doing so well with keeping up with the posts, but I HAVE been taking the pictures!

Last week (week 9) the theme was Leap – for leap day of course! I knew I didn’t want to take a picture of anyone leaping (too typical), so instead, I went with the idea of taking a leap in doing something new!

I let The Boy help me with the bagel baking – we’ll have the recipe up on Tuesday’s link-up with Kelli @ Adventurez in Child Rearing. It may not seem like me, but I am anal about my baking – I am my own worst critic, and I like to have this turn out perfectly! So letting the little ones help me has been a big leap for me. But bagels are hard to mess up, and easy to work with, so it’s been one of the good starting points :D

This week, the Project 52 theme is Be Still – for Lent. I personally am not participating in any Lent fasts or anything, but I certainly appreciate and delight in the emphasis and focus on this time of year – moreso than Christmas, that Christ’s death and resurrection brought us eternal life!

It is not often that there are moments of stillness in our home – at least while the kids are awake :D

But when they do come, I try to grab them and keep a hold on them as long as possible.

They are fleeting, and while I love them, I do so love the moments of busyness as well, as I know they will all too soon disappear.

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