In my life this week….

It’s been 8 weeks of adjusting to a new normal with our little Miss E. She’s been a good baby, though the whole sleep thing is a bit of an “issue” – only for me though, since I’m used to my kids picking up on longer wake/nap times sooner. She’s sleeping pretty well at an hour to an hour and a half at a time, with mostly right through the night, so I can’t complain too much! Every day looks different, so for someone who likes to have things well planned out in advance, it’s been an adjustment for me.


In our homeschool this week….

We’re back into our letter of the week! This week Keekers was learning M – for Mike Mulligan, mouse, monkey, money, and math. We had lots of fun with M!

M is for

Apologia Swimming Creatures of the 5th day has to be our favourite so far – only because our boys are obsessed with sea creatures! Both Cat in the Hat and Wild Kratts had shows on echolocation on the same day, coordinating with our reading on dolphins and experiment to see how sounds bounce differently off different surfaces. So exciting to see them so enjoying science!

Apologia science and echolocation


Since we have 2 “little” boys in the house, we’ve decided it’s time to train them on cleaning the toilets. They’ve been very willing students so far, and have done a pretty good job! Though they do need to be watched and aided a bit in the process, I’m confident they’ll very soon be doing it completely unassisted. Hurrah for chores!

cleaning toilets

Places we’re going, people we’re seeing…

After last week up north skiing with our family we stayed pretty close to home this week. And it’s a good thing we did because yesterday we got Snowmageddon 2013 with almost 2 feet of snow accumulation!

snowmageddon 2013 funWe did however drive in it up to my parent’s as The Man was at a men’s retreat with our church. Currently the kids are outside wallowing in the snow and enjoying the enormous yard my parents have.

We went to see The Borrowers this morning – The Boy got it for Christmas from an aunt and if he finished the book we said we’d go see the movie in the theater. Unfortunately it is NOTHING like the book, but it was still fun and a cheap family outing!

Theater fun

 My favourite thing this week was…

The massive amount of snow we got! Oh yeah, don’t hate me, I LOVE SNOW! And I love that my family loves it too, especially skiing/boarding down the slopes :D

beautiful snow

My kiddos favourite thing this week was…

Driving through a blizzard, sleeping over at Nana and Papa’s, going to a movie and playing in the beautiful snow!

morning at Nana and Papa's

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