We took a week off school last week to go north a bit and spend some time as a family on the slopes. Yes, we fit all that and more into our van and ski rack!

packing lightTrue to new Canadian weather form, we experienced nearly 3 seasons in 1 week – from plus 14 celsius and rain to minus 14, sleet, blizzards and beautiful sunshine. But the best of it was made to the utmost and we had SUCH a fantastic time!

family time fitness

Thanks to my mother-in-law for watching the girls in the lodge for a day so I could get some boarding time in too!

shredding the slopes

My husband found a huge chalet up there (6 bedrooms, sleeps 18!) for a really good price, so we invited family members to join us over the course of the week. We spent time on the slopes skiing and snowboarding, at the spa (well, my sister-in-law and I did anyway :D), in hot pools, swimming outdoors and sliding down water slides,

outdoor pools watching the FIS World Cup snowboardcross competition qualifiers (and then the finals on TV at home),

2013 FIS World Cup Snowboardcross reading, and just plain enjoying time together. It was TRULY relaxing!

Blue Mountain fun

AND the last day we got over 15 cm of fresh snow! Yeeow!

15 cm of fresh snow

Though the weather was a bit iffy, The Man still got out on the hills every day. And he got a few good teaching runs in with Keekers – though she cried her eyes out every time she went down the bunny hill (she said it was too high! lol), for the most part she wanted to keep doing it!

2013 ski school I’m so grateful that each of our parents took us skiing at a young age and now that my husband is willing to teach our kids to ski, we can enjoy the sport together! Both JJ and The Boy are getting really good – they might actually need lessons now to work on their technique!

Thursday we celebrated our 9th anniversary. 9 years already! Time really does fly. Hubby’s mom stayed with the kids so we could go out – in a blizzard no less!

9th anniversary blizzard Why did we get married in winter you ask? So we could have our pick of things to do for our anniversary! In the past we’ve stayed over night skiing/snowboarding, but the option is always there to go somewhere hot instead. Maybe in the next 9 years :D

Saturday was a catch-up on laundry day as we came home to prepare for Miss E’s dedication on Sunday. I still managed to squeak in some baking and made these cute cupcakes for our family lunch after.

owl cupcakes

Sunday we stood with our good friends and family as we dedicated Miss E.


Miss E and Pastor Paul

We are both so blessed to have a strong Christian heritage on both sides of our family. And to have most of our family at the dedication on Sunday – wow.

generations of Christian heritage

Oma and KeekersFrom my Opa and Oma to Miss E, 4 generations of believers just there. I’m so grateful we have this and can continue it on with our own family – and that our church is so committed to helping and encouraging parents and children in their walk.


Thank you Lord!



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