There’s been a whole lot of talk going on everywhere lately about wardrobes – not the Narnian kind you walk through, but rather the often confusing and frustrating mass of clothing we have shoved into our drawers or hanging askew in our closets. As a mom with young kids and a baby who is up at night, I often have to think HARD about what I’m going to wear in the morning – and I’m more often than not the last one dressed out of the bunch :D Don’t get me wrong – I do so LOVE dressing for the day and choosing outfits which are fun and fit comfortably. But too often I’ve found myself stuck with limited options because of a nursing baby.

When I discovered Undercover Mama nursing tops, I nearly jumped up and down with glee! This isn’t just your average nursing top. Yes, there are tank tops out there that you can wear to nurse discreetly, but I’ve always found them to be poor quality, boring colours, lacking in length, or too low cut.

Undercover Mama nursing top

Undercover Mama is the exception, and here are the things I love best about them!

Discreet nursing

With 4 kids I don’t have much choice in deciding where and when I am going to nurse the baby if we are out and about. I used to whole up in a room so I could save everyone the flash of white belly while trying to nurse my little one. While I still like to be discreet and use a nursing cover, these tops have made feeding the baby while out and about so much more comfortable and less stressful! No more exposed back!

Single un-clip

Many nursing tank tops have a separate strap and clip from your bras. That means you have to unclip and re-clip twice. This is very awkward when you often only have have 1 hand to do it with! Undercover Mama has a convenient rubber ring which slips on to the bra flap and allows you to un-clip both at the same time. It also comes with a hook you can slide onto the strap or flap of your nursing bra.

Longer length

A pet peeve of mine are tops that shrink and hike up, especially the ones we use for layering under our normal shirts. The Undercover Mama top has an extra long length to it, so whether you have a short or long torso, it’s got your back (covered that is! :D). They do seem to run a bit on the larger side, so if you’re normally a medium, go with a small. When in doubt, there is a great size guide!

Multiple Colours

Undercover Mama colour options

Most nursing tank tops I’ve seen come in two c0lours – black and white. Not so in this case! With Undercover Mama you have over 10 colours to pick from. This definitely makes coordinating with your current wardrobe a lot easier.

AMAZING Customer Service

These guys stand behind their products! Plus, it was developed by a mom, so you KNOW it’s been put through all the tests. And if there are ever any issues with your tops, customer service is on it like a bee on honey. I had an issue with the lace on one of my tops separating from the bottom seam, and they very quickly sent a replacement top.


Want to win one of your own? Use the rafflecopter entry form below and win your choice of colour and size in an Undercover Mama! (Not including Blueberry, Emerald or Orange). Giveaway will be open until Friday, May 3rd.

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*Disclosure* I received one free Undercover Mama nursing top for the review. All opinions and other tops are my own :D