I’ll admit it. I grew up homeschooled, we decided to homeschool, and have now been doing it for 6 years without ever having once attended a homeschool convention. Yup, not a one. It’s not for lack of events occurring in my area – every year there are 2 major homeschool conventions that occur within a 2 hour drive of us. It’s not for lack of desire to be encouraged and receive practical tips and angles for everything you could possibly imagine facing during your homeschooling journey. I suppose it has mostly been a combination of things – fear of being overwhelmed, and as I typically do, to the point of not actually applying anything we learn. But something else has also held me back from attending these conventions, and I think I’ve finally pin-pointed what it is.

The head of the family is the father. He leads, sets the tone and focus, encourages, disciplines, and is mom’s biggest cheerleader, encourager, and support. His role in the homeschool is just as important as his role in the family, and I feel as though the challenge for dad’s to step up in this area has been lacking. Homeschool convention workshops are typically geared toward the mom, keeping in mind dad’s will be attending – but nothing has really been focused on encouraging, equipping and loving on the dads steering the ship.

But then I heard about Teach Them Diligently. And I knew instantly that something was different. Maybe it was hearing stories of the Men’s Breakfast, where the dads are poured into by some pretty cool homeschooling fathers and encouragers. Maybe it was seeing the session topics focusing less on “How to Homeschool” and more on how to reach the heart of and disciple your children. And then there’s the childrens’ program. I’ve never heard of a homeschool convention with a discipleship training program for your children to attend while their parents are being discipled.


Going once, going twice, SOLD!

And so, in a few weeks’ time, we’ll be making the long drive down to attend our very first homeschool convention ever. Am I nervous? Only slightly! Because I know that the women I’ve been connecting with online will be there to welcome us, and that these families are all coming together for the same reasons – learning how to let God lead in our homes, school and hearts. Plus, what better place is there to gather to hear some amazing testimonies, share stories, laughter and tears? Oh, AND there will be a TON of my favourite homeschool companies there, in the vendor hall. And there will be deals, oh yes, there will be deals! :D

If you’ve never attended a homeschool convention before, this is one you don’t want to miss! It’s worth the drive to Nashville, Omaha or Spartanburg. We’re even turning it into an amazing family adventure – we’ll be visiting the Creation Museum (did I MENTION Ken Ham is a speaker?!) on our way down, stopping to stay with some beloved friends, and making a trip over to the Sight and Sound Theater to see “Noah” on our way home.

Have you ever attended a homeschool convention? What was the best thing you took away from it? Are you going to Teach Them Diligently?

If you aren’t able to make it to the convention locations in May, then you must try to make it to one of the 9 Marketplace locations happening across the US over the summer! Mini retreat, convention and marketplace, all rolled into one!