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As much as possible in our preschool letter of the week lessons with Keekers,, I try to draw our older boys in with a unit study. This helps me to spread my already stretched time just a little bit further :D

Last week we were working on the letter W, and I had chosen weather, wind and water to be our unit study focus. It worked out so conveniently because at the very same time I received The Big Book of Earth and Sky from MasterBooks to review! A couple years ago we won a copy of The Big Book of History, and it is FANTASTIC, so I knew this book would be the same.

Big Book of Earth and Sky

How we are using The Big Book of Earth and Sky

learning about clouds

We spent some time outdoors examining the sky and learning a bit about types of clouds. There are more than just cumulus, cirrus, and stratus! There are actually many combinations of clouds, and if you get familiar with them, you can get pretty good at predicting the weather :D

Types of clouds

Speaking of weather, it almost always involves water in some way – we studied up on the water cycle, to understand how it is that water gets from the ocean, to the sky, to the earth, and back to the sky again.

Big Book of Earth and Sky

Check out our fun experiment to see how much water evaporates! This level went down over a couple of days’ time.


The Big Book of Earth and Sky has a ton of fantastic information about weather, right there in the fold-outs! All 15 feet of them!

What’s Inside The Folds

15 feet of fun

This book is huge, jam-packed with creation-based, biblically accurate information about the earth and the sky God created. It covers everything from the earth’s atmosphere and solar system to who broke the record for the highest sky dive, types of rocks, ocean creatures, and everything in between! The kids will literally spend HOURS with it on the floor, examining each image, reading the information, coming running into the kitchen to share some new fact discovered, excited and more than entertained – they’re learning!

How to get a copy of The Big Book of Earth and Sky

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