I’m jumping back in – or, at least, I’m going to TRY to – with Five Minute Friday. Writing for 5 minutes, no editing, just purely heart talk! Linking up with Lisa Jo, today’s prompt is

Five Minute Friday


The race is on. Just 8 weeks left (give or take a few days on either end) until this 4th child enters the world we live in. My body feels ready, aches and pains all over (though when I make time to exercise it seems to be less, go figure!). My heart is ready to embrace this newest blessing the Lord has given to us. We already have a verse chosen, and potentially a name – for this one we are perhaps the MOST prepared we’ve ever been.

As we race toward the finish line, I can easily get overwhelmed with all the things that are still left to do, and mini-panic sets in. The clothes aren’t washed – but at least I know I’m washing girl clothing, unless 2 little boys are right and there’s a chance SHE is actually a HE :D. The diapers aren’t ready to go. The cradle isn’t set up and there isn’t even a space for her to go yet. I haven’t figured out our schedule and routine for when she comes with school, though we’re planning on taking December (AT LEAST! :D) off. I haven’t made the freezer meals yet.

I need to prepare, to make the time for these things, to help the transition of having a baby in the family again go a little more smoothly. To ensure that my nerves are not wound so tightly that I’m snapping at every little thing. I can’t control what’s going to happen when baby comes, but I CAN prepare for the end of the beginning, and start training now for the difficult bumps that may come along the way.

As a runner prepares for the race, training and practicing, I want to prepare my heart, home and family for our newest addition. The race is on, the time is short, the time is NOW, to get ready!