When we made the decision to homeschool, we were fortunate to have each had parents that paved the way in homeschooling us. Though we knew a bit of what to expect and received expert advice and guidance, actually homeschooling our own children was a lot different from being homeschooled!

Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler, a few years with your feet wet, or trying to decide if homeschooling is for you, there is always so much to learn. It can be really very overwhelming! That’s where good friends on the same page and a good listening ear always comes in handy.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is a good friend with a lot of excellent advice, tips, and ideas, all at your fingertips!

Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

In this one book, over 55 homeschooling mothers share their expertise on over 103 topics. Be encouraged in:

Homeschooling Tots and Preschoolers

Homeschooling Boys

Making Tweens and Teens More Independent Learners

Teaching Creative Writing

Making Learning Fun for the Struggling Learner 

Teaching a Subject You Don’t Love

Fitting in the Extras

And so much more! The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is available in formats which you can read on your phone, computer, tablet, or print it out and have a hard copy on your shelf as a reference.

So go get it now, and give yourself a great start to your new homeschool year!

Big Book of Homeschool Ideas