My hubby has worked from home the last few days. His job, the family business, provides that flexibility. He also has a lot on his plate to accomplish, and gets more done from home (even with the noise and chaos that our homeschool sometimes is! :D).

Even just having another person in the house, an adult, gives the day a completely different feel. Somehow we manage to stay on track better, get everything accomplished, and having him home on time for dinner is great! I wonder what will happen next week when he goes back into the office to work?

(hubby with Keeker 2 summers ago)

Thinking about all this makes me incredibly grateful that I am at home with my kids. I don’t have to rush around making lunches, getting kids up and dressed super early to get out the door to school, then rush off to work, run errands, prepare meals, cook, clean up….honestly, I don’t know how some people do it! We have a hard enough time some days already being home and getting the basics done!

My place is here at home with my kids and I am so very grateful that God has provided in every way to make this a reality – from finances to timing to patience and grace, every aspect of it is because of Him! And for that I am truly thankful.

Counting to 1,000 Gifts

  • 176. Boys laughing
  • 177. Phone conversation of prayer
  • 178. Keeker “reading” a story
  • 179. E-mail prayers
  • 180. Winning an e-book (Keeping His Way Pure)
  • 181. Ephesians 3:20-21 (according to the power at work within us)
  • 182. A clean floor
  • 183. Loose leaf tea
  • 184. A new scarf
  • 185. Our home
  • 186. My cowl scarf
  • 187. Playing at the park
  • 188. Red berries on a tree
  • 189. One little mound of snow left
  • 190. Flower pin from my mother in law
  • 191. Red dress
  • 192. Red-cheeked children playing outside
  • 193. Hearts of friends who lost their fathers, broken yet fixed because of Christ’s work in their hearts!
  • 194. Value Village necklaces
  • 195. Beautiful weather on the ski slopes
  • 196. Hubby taking the day off
  • 197. Freshly fallen snow
  • 198. Boys playing lego
  • 199. Gym time at co-op
  • 200! Kids reading on the couch
  • 201. Writing about teaching God’s truth inspiring me to keep pressing on in it
  • 202. Taking the kids to the zoo and meeting the cutest little baby polar bear!
  • 203. Helping the boys organize their lego and seeing new creations
  • 204. Finding joy in recognizing sin and repenting
  • 205. Constantly disciplining and discipling to reach the hearts of our children
  • 206. Realizing I am not praying enough giving me a desire to seek him more
  • 207. Cheerios in the cupboard
  • 208. Hubby coming home early!
  • 209. Sleeping children
  • 210. Grace to love my children
  • 211. The sacrifice of God’s son for me
  • 212. The family God has blessed me with
  • 213. Making biscuits with Keeker
  • 214. Toys hiding in the corner of the room
  • 215. Shadows hiding the dust where we haven’t gotten to yet
  • 216. Watching and re-enacting The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with the kids