This past week has been an absolute blur. And as I sit down to map out for Sunday Sum Up, I can understand why. We did a LOT. We were late on a lot of things (including this posting, whoops!) We’ve had 2 busy weekends in a row, preparing for something each one, and 1 more to go before I can take a breather. I am looking forward to summer even more now!

Monday – Remember how last week I said Mondays are typically the best day of the week? Sometimes I think I should just keep my mouth  hands shut. Monday was rough. But so was every day this week. Remember, we were busier than busy should be, and we definitely paid for it!

Tuesday – I honestly have no recollection of Tuesday, other than skating (ooh, we made it EARLY for this one!) and groceries and small group??

Wednesday – we took a break from school and hit up the zoo with some friends – we’ve been studying bats in our science, so of course, the kids wanted to see the bats. And for the first time we’ve ever seen, they were all over the place! Not flying, but definitely moving.

We also ran some errands and I picked up these pictures (links are below for where I found the prints) and frames for some SPRING decorating!

Just in time for the blizzard and hail we had this morning.
Grr. Will Winter EVER end?!

Thursday – school and swimming lessons (late!). Hubby’s car has been needing some work, so we bit the bullet and paid for new brakes, new door lock and new mechanism to open his gas door. Technology eh? Sheesh.

Friday – Homeschool co-op! I love Fridays!

We made these Resurrection Eggs – started 4 days late :D

My church also had a Women’s Event for which I was asked to say a short something about the 3-cord accountability groups we have going for reading Scripture each day.

Saturday – My sisters-and-mother-in-law were coming over in the evening for our girls’ night “out” to watch “By Way of the Stars”. If you live in Canada (or not) and you’re at all familiar with the “Road the Avonlea” tv series which aired in the ’90s, then you MAY know what I’m talking about. If not, the same director of Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea (Kevin Sullivan) produced and aired By Way of the Stars in 1992 in between season of RTA, with a number of the same actors (Felix and Felicity King, Gus Pike, Pierre la Pierre, etc). It’s worth watching (as are the other 2 series made by Sullivan – I could take or leave “Wind at my Back” though)! I purchased the DVD from Sullivan Entertainment since the only other copy I had was taped off the TV and on VHS.

Anyway, I made a bunch of food, they brought a LOAD of food, and we ate to our hearts’ content – actually, I think we were all a wee bit sick after, but you only do it once (in a while :D)!

Oh, I almost forgot! I made homemade grenadine and these Shirley Temple cupcakes from the cupcake project. The jury is still out on these. While they are REALLY GOOD in my opinion, they didn’t exactly taste like a Shirley Temple. But it’s definitely a recipe worth trying!

Have a great week!