The only thing I have time to share this week are contained within the numerous recipes I have lined up to bake for this weekend.

I might be crazy. But yes, I am going to attempt all of these. We have Good Friday, Big Boy’s 6th birthday party and an Easter Sunday celebration – all in 3 days. So if I’m absent the rest of the weekend, you’ll know why :D

Peepshi – my good friend Darla made Sushi out of Peeps! You know, I’ve never had a Peep in my entire life?!

White Velvet Cake – this is a recipe from the Cake Bible, and since this will be the FIRST REAL cake (IE not from scratch) I’ll be attempting, I dare not try another. (watch for how it all turns out :D)

Baklava – oh yes. I’ve always been afraid to attempt this. Our good friends are Greek and their mother told me how to do it, but I forget. And since Hubs LOVES Baklava, I thought I should give it a whirl!

Vanilla Cupcakes – I have an OK recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes, but I’m always on the hunt for an even better one, so it’s time to give this a whirl. Will has requested vanilla cupcakes with…wait for it…vanilla icing. Simple :D

PW Hot Cross Buns – it’s about time we made these instead of buying them from the store.

See you on the other side! Hopefully I won’t be in a sugar coma….