We have survived our first day of 2nd grade and senior kindergarten in our home! Although it didn’t go anything like I had planned.

I typically start our year off gradually, with just a few subjects, working up to a full work load about a month in. I expected today would be difficult, with some bad attitudes and tears – I thought I was prepared.

When I prayed for strength, love, peace and patience to get through the day, as well as “Whatever may pass and whatever lies before, let me be singing when the evening comes” (Matt Redman, 10,000 reasons) – I had no idea how much I would need it.

We started the day a full hour late – the printer wasn’t working, everyone slept in and was slow-moving, daddy got out the door a little late. I was ok with it, expected it somewhat.

Then we got through math with good attitudes and no complaining. On to reading! After I read our Before Five In a Row to the youngest two, Keeker peed on the floor.

While I went out to the garage to get some more paper towels, I stepped my right foot off the left edge of the step and tumbled down the remaining two stairs.

Long story short – I spent a couple hours in excruciating pain, my hubby drove home from work, my sister-in-law and friend came to watch the kids, our pastor and others prayed for me. A baseball size ankle, a few hours in emerge and an x-ray later – it’s not broken, just badly sprained – although there is a small chip out of my ankle which, depending on how the swelling goes, they may need to cast.

Not at ALL what I had expected. However, I have never felt more at peace and calm with a stressful situation such as this. No worries, no anxieties, no frustration – just peace. And I’m still singing that song :0)

So, if it’s rather quiet around here for the next little while, it’s because I am following Dr.’s orders of elevating the foot, ice and lots of rest (it’s kinda hard to balance a laptop on an elevated leg!). I am so thankful for friends and family who have pulled around us just over a few hours to cover childcare and coming in to help take care of the house and kids. We are feeling the love of having an amazing Christian family!