Everyone remembers where they were the moment they heard the news about the Twin Towers. I was alone in my workplace when my boss rushed in and turned on the radio. Everything stood still as we tried to process what was happening.

We still are processing the brevity of all that happened that day and since. People and countries may never fully recover.

But I am comforted to know that my God is in control and pray the stories of those who survived will continue to lead others to his arms.

In the days following the attack, my hubby (although at the time we were not yet courting) felt inspired to put together a tribute of photos and hopefully give some people a glimpse of hope in the One who is in control.

He got a tremendous and varied amount of response, and had wanted to distribute CDs with the tribute on it, raising money for 9/11 families.

He ran into some snags with licensing though, and so was unable to do it. The site where he hosted the video expired and I forgot about it.

Until today when he forwarded me an email he received about it from someone who had contacted him about the original video ten years ago. It seems this lady was checking out the link she had bookmarked, but was unable to find the video. So friend Google found it somewhere else for her and she was really touched by it again. In her words “I cannot properly describe how thrilled I was to discover this link to your awesome tribute, and just in time for the 10-year anniversary of that horrific day. So much has changed over the past decade… but at the same time, our loss remains the same. I must thank you, again, for providing the world with your tribute, which can now be viewed as a memorial.”

I watched it again and it really is a great tribute – very touching, heart breaking, causing you to stop, think, remember – but offering hope – though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….YOU are with me.

If you would like to see the tribute, You can watch it here: