Today, thanks to a very generous sponsor in the Teach Them Diligently Convention, and the blessing and provision of God, I’ll be traveling to Harrisburg, PA for my very first blogging conference, Allume.

Since we’ll be driving for about 8 hours, it is imperative that I wear something that’s comfortable for the ride. Of course, with only 6 weeks left in pregnancy, I am beginning to get to the annoyed stage with my maternity clothes, so this outfit is becoming more and more of a “go-to”, for comfort sake.

Yoga pants are amazing during pregnancy. Lululemon has the corner on ones that last the longest, but Costco comes in a close second if you ask me! They’re soft, stretchy and uber-comfy, while not looking sloppy like sweatpants tend to do.

Tank top and stretch long-sleeve layered over top = comfort. Put on a pair of slip-on, comfy shoes and you’re ready to go! Even if the only place you’re traveling to will be the bathroom :0)