Thanks for coming over and checking out another idea for

Today’s gift is a stenciled photo frame.

Age Range: 2 and up

Time Required: 10 – 20 minutes, plus drying time

Skills: Able to hold a paintbrush


  • craft paint
  • plain wooden frames
  • sponge paint brushes
  • stencils
  • embellishments
  • old t-shirts, aprons and tablecloth (little ones get messy with this one!)

Step 1

Prime your wooden frames with white paint. We got these frames from Michael’s, on sale, for 50 cents each! Most dollar stores will have pretty much the same thing.
You can totally skip this step if you don’t want to wait for it to dry, but we did this one in stages, so we primed first. And the kids are always happy to paint more.


A 2 year old can EASILY handle this project. But be prepared for a mess, and definitely a bath afterward :D

Step 2

Paint your frame the colour you have chosen. Let paint dry. Acrylic craft paint dries fairly quickly, over snack time or a playtime break.

Step 3

We bought this stencil from Michaels in the loose scrapbook paper section.
One of our homeschool moms had the idea given to her from a Michael’s associate, and it worked so well with the kids that we decided to do it again at home.


Place the stencil over your frame where you want the design to show.
You could also just use dollar store stencils, other types of stencils, or make your own!

Step 4

Dab paint with a sponge brush over top of the stencil (make sure you keep the stencil in place or you’ll get a smudgey look!)
Let dry and add any embellishments you would like to it, or leave it as is!

Step 5

Print and add a photograph for a fantastic gift everyone will love!
The kids also made these frames with little jewels from the clearance section at Michaels – what a difference in the designs!
JJ’s are all over the place, The Boy’s are strategically and carefully placed, and Keekers…well, Keekers isn’t even done yet :D
I hope you enjoyed this gift idea! Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!