Back in May I posted about starting our kids out on a quiet time in the afternoons. I had great intentions.

Then summer hit. And cleaning. And zoo and splash pad visits. Then vacation planning. And soccer camp. So we I haven’t been very good at keeping this consistent. And it doesn’t help that we’re taking some time as a family to enjoy vacation together!

We haven’t let things go completely – we still have our daily devotions together as a family. But as I’ve been watching and observing my kids, I am seeing how much they really need that time to themselves, especially now when our schedule is so all over the place – they need something to depend on (and who am I kidding, so do I :D).

So where do I go from here? Once our family vacation is over, we’ll be back to afternoon quiet times where Big Boy is going to be reading through his ESV Story Bible, JJ will be listening to scripture CDs and looking at bible story books, and Keekers will (hopefully) be napping. 

I hope to use the afternoon time to do more of my Ministry of Motherhood book study, as well as preparing for the Educating the Whole Hearted Child discussions. 

Praying for conviction in my children’s hearts (and mine!) to spend more time reading the word and striving to understand it.