This week’s Homemaker’s Challenge is from Leigh Ann @ Intentional Grace.

She challenged us to eliminate the “hot spots” or “catch all” spots in your house, spending just 10 minutes (2 five-minute increments) cleaning them up.

Well, I have a few. Rats. I thought this would be easy. But as I started looking around, I saw at least 4 potential “hot spots”.

Hot Spot #1 – Shelving beside the fridge

When we moved into this house, it came with a lot of extra shelving. Which is fantastic! Except that, unless kept-well organized, it is prime real estate for a hot spot. And that is what has happened here.

Look at all that stuff that’s just plain moved in off the street! There is everything from batteries, to food containers, to electronics, papers, food to be put in the laundry room, appliances. You name it, it’s on there.

I had good intentions to organize it, but I failed this mission. 10 minutes passed and I was STILL working on putting the batteries away. However, it was not a complete failure. I realized that I needed to get some other baskets to help things stay organized. So to the dollar store we went!

Here’s the after! I am ok with this being a landing place for things, but the key is that EVERY DAY things that are in the “put away” baskets (bottom shelf, grey baskets) GET PUT AWAY :D

Hot Spot #2 – Above fridge and cupboards
While we have a lot of cupboard space, we always seem to be busting out of it. I know, I know, I’ve purged a lot already, but there always seems to be some things which straggle behind and don’t quite get put away. I’m not complaining, it’s just another one of those spots to tackle!
Hot Spot #3 – My desk

Oh man. This is a constant battle. I am at a complete loss for what else to do here, except that it really just needs that 10 minutes every day to organize it. It always looks so nice and clean afterwards! This one is up next to tackle as I did NOT get to it today :0(

Hot Spot #4 – Laundry Room
And we are not even going to go there today. We’ll save that for another day! :D

Joyful Mothering