I am not going to apologize for these photos. Just so you know in advance in case you don’t want to see pictures of a sick, pregnant mommy. But at the urging of my bloggy friends, and when faced with the dilemma of being sick for the last few days and no pictures to post, I opted to go for the “keepin’ it real” approach. I do want to be about authentic on this blog, so here goes a no shame, momma’s sick post.

Being sick is a reality in everyone’s life. Praise the Lord I do not get sick often! But when I do, it usually takes me a while to recover. And here we are at over a week of this darn cold I was fighting which I fully succumbed to on Wednesday.

While I don’t feel like putting a whole lot of effort into my outfits when I’m sick, I can still dive for what’s comfortable without having to go the frumpy route. Not sure I QUITE accomplished that here – I’ll let you be the judge :D

My favourite comfy outfit has to be leggings – and I’m so glad I found that H&M carries maternity ones! They are fantastic, not overly stretchy, long enough to wear without boots and go up over the tummy. Go get some now, in a few sizes, as they fit a bit generously (medium is a little too big on me) and you won’t regret it!

The top is a regular size tunic top from H&M – long tunic tops work great during pregnancy, especially with leggings. I don’t feel like leggings are totally pants, so I want something that’s giving a little more length.


Go the extra mile in comfort and pull on that big, bulky sweater! Add a belt if the shape is more like a tent, and you’ll be comfortable and at least mostly decent to answer the doorbell if it rings.

Footwear? Slippers of course! My favourite ones from Costco. And please excuse the boxes of cereal in the background. Just keepin’ it real :D

What do you like to wear when you’re under the weather?

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