Well we’re off to a great start today, with my first post already late! But at least it’s out here and I’m excited to be embarking on this writing adventure. Just to give a heads-up, some posts will be just outfits, others will be ideas and tips for dressing!

Let’s start off with one of my favourite items in my closet, hands down: Jeans!

There are so many opinions on whose jeans to buy, whether to go cheap or expensive, which ones last the longest and whose fit the best. Basically it comes down to personal preference in the end. 

After 4 pregnancies and multiple trips to buy pants, my absolute, ALL TIME favourite jeans are the Loved Skinny Jeans by Heidi Klum.

I was never a skinny jean person until after my last pregnancy (I just never enjoyed how they fit me :p), but a definite must is to go stretchy baby! These jeans have the fantastic “over-the-belly” band that I absolutely LOVE. I know a lot of women can’t stand to have anything on their tummies, but I do so love the feel of the stretch fabric keeping those pants – and belly – up.

These jeans are a great middle-of-the-road option as far as cost goes. Actually, they are probably even cheaper than places like Thyme Maternity, if you purchase them on sale (which, of course, I did :D). Motherhood Maternity stores and online carry these, as well as Pea in a Pod Maternity (online). I’m normally a medium in pants, but in these a small fits perfectly (even in the third trimester!).

Definitely try jeans on if you’re trying to decide on a pair. You never know how it is going to look or feel on you until you do! Try to avoid paying full price if you can – a great option is second hand stores, craigslist/kijiji, ebay, hand-me-downs from friends or sale racks. I have bought most of my pants either on sale or second hand, and still find there is lots of life left in them after a few pregnancies. Steer clear from the boutiques, unless you absolutely MUST have those pair of designer jeans. But in my opinion, they don’t fit or hold up much better (for the price!) than a couple pairs of really Loved :D jeans.

*UPDATE – A very close runner-up to the Loved skinny jeans are Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly maternity jeans.