We had a great, full week in our homeschool this week! We had planned on skiing as a family on Thursday, but when my hubby came down with the flu, we had to scrap that plan. Then Keekers got sick on Thursday, so we had to miss our co-op on Friday, which left us with 5 full days of school – something we haven’t done in a long time! Of course, I made sure to keep it light and fun since we missed out on some great opportunities this week, but in all, we had a fantastic week together!

In my life this week… We were hit with our 3rd round of the flu. After the first two rounds I think that my attitude is getting better (praise God for humbling me enough to see my need to rely more on him and to keep calm and carry on!). I am learning to serve my husband better, that’s for sure, seeing as how he’s needed to be nursed out of sickness 3 times!

In our homeschool this week… What a week! Let’s start off with Tot School.

Keekers learned the letter ‘B’ this week. We used the “Runaway Bunny” book to start out, and some more fantastic printables from 1+1+1=1, Spell Out Loud, Homeschool Creations and Confessions of a Homeschooler. The internet is a WORLD of resources, but these ladies definitely have some of the best tot school activities I’ve encountered.

Keek is doing really well with learning to trace over the lines, and I’m trying to give her SOME direction on where to start and finish. She’s not quite 3 yet, so I’m definitely not overly concerned about it :D

Everyone made their own bunny picture with puff balls – Keeker had some help. I love how The Boy took his and made a profile! Very creative!

And, of course JJ, had to make a smiley face with googly eyes :D

Keeker loves do-a-dot sheets, and the power magnets, so we did lots of those this week, along with counting and classifying (size) butterflies,

matching buttons to colours,

building with duplo blocks (we recently took the duplo out of the boys’ room and put it into a giant bin, so instead of having it out always, we take it down to the living room so everyone can play. I may regret this decision :D),

discovering magnets,

and her new love, playing CANDYLAND!

The Boy is tackling his reading like a CHAMP! I just printed out a reading challenge chart for him to keep track of what he is reading. Once he reaches 75 books (chapter books over 60 pages count as 2) he asked if we could rent Dolphin Tale. I as thinking something bigger and grander, but I’m more than happy to oblige such a great request!

The math is going much better, we learned more on place value (adding ones, tens and hundreds) and he definitely struggles with it a bit, but a bit more review and games and I think he will catch on. This is why I love RightStart Math so much – the games and review always keep them re-learning and solidifying!

JJ is also reading really well. I’ve struggled what to do with him since I want to challenge but not overwork him. He’s just turned 5 and I think for now we will stick with what we’re doing. He started All About Spelling level 1 on Monday and so far he really likes it! He’s my kinesthetic learner, so it’s PERFECT for him!

What we drew…Alligators!

To go along with our science lesson on crocodilians and amphibians. They didn’t do as much drawing this week now that I look back on our stack of pages :D

New things… Keeker and JJ had their first swimming lesson!

I was shocked, certain she would freak out in the water, but she did GREAT! And LOVED it! I think it helps that JJ is by FAR the oldest in the class (it is our co-op group) and she has her little friends there too.

And, it finally SNOWED! A little :D

What we read… Farmer Boy was finished earlier in the week, so we started into The Little Prince. I got the illustrated version on my kindle for 99 cents, and they are really enjoying the hilarity of it – it’s a bit of a complex, VERY interesting and fun story.

We are also reading and listening to a LOT of King Arthur stories. Librivox has a great recording for the Stories of King Arthur’s Knights as told to the children . EVERYONE loves them, and the boys have been busily building with the mega blox knights and castles set, as well as turning bubble wands and tupperware lids into swords and shields. I LOVE IT! Now, maybe end of the school year we’ll take them to Medieval Times :D

Here’s Sir Lancelot fighting Breunor – apparently Lancelot lost.

What’s working/not working for us…. Not much this week has changed, I think I’ve figured out the timing for our mornings to help everything run smoothly. In case anyone is curious, here’s our current schedule:

7:30 am – kids wake up, get ready for the day

8:15 am (goal) – family devotions

8:45 am – breakfast with bible study

9:30 am – start school

  • handwriting with everyone
  • The Boy does First Language Lessons, Writing with Ease and All About Spelling
  • Keeker and JJ play

10:15 am

  • JJ – phonics and All About Spelling, reading a few pages from his Early Readers (level 2) from Alpha & Omega

10:45 am

  • Tot school – whatever activities I have planned for Keeker, it usually lasts about 15-20 minutes

11:15 am

  • snack and read aloud time

11:45 am

  • RightStart Math – we alternate which boy goes first. The other gets computer time (either typing or PBS Kids) during the other’s lesson

12:30 pm

1:00 pm

  • Lunch clean up, computer research, find videos to go with our science lesson

2:00 pm

  • quiet time, bible reading and stories on CD

3:00 pm

  • Canadian civics/geography MAYBE :D We haven’t started this yet!

3:30 pm

  • chores

Whew, that’s a lot, and we are always off that by a few minutes, but I think this is what is working for us right now!

I am inspired my…friends who have offered their help and chicken noodle soup when they heard we were sick again!

My favourite thing this week was… Going to the zoo to see some reptiles in real life – I love hands on science! Here’s Keeker with her favourite animal – the Lemur!

Playing catch the fly with raisins in the kitchen.

Playing Candy Land with all 4 kids. Having my hubby back to health and able to drink coffee with me in the morning :0)

I’m reading… 2 Kings Bible study, How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, Tell Your Time, 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse, 1000 Gifts.

I’m cooking….or rather baking, pumpkin donuts!

I’m grateful for… God’s continued provision and grace, for sustaining us above and beyond our needs, for providing peace in the unknown.

I’m praying for…. love and grace to grow in my heart for my children; for my husband to grow in love and honour, to determine his schedule; for an opportunity to go to The Relevant Conference; that our time and resources would be used for God’s glory.

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