YES! This is progress! I actually HAVE an update to give and remembered to post it! haha

This will be brief, but here’s my update on how I’m doing with my goals.

1. Read “Tell Your Time” by Amy Lynn Andrews and come up with a realistic blogging schedule that I can feel good sticking to. I am halfway through the book and absolutely inspired and convicted all at once! There are a lot of things I still need to do, exercises and determining priorities, but I’m making progress.

2. Decide on a few link-ups to participate in so that I am not spread so thin all over the place. As much as I love to read what everyone is doing and going through, I just physically cannot possibly absorb and benefit from it all, nor be of benefit to anyone else if I’m blasting through the reading. I dabbled around in a few the past few weeks, and I think I have it settled what I will be participating in. I have yet to write it down as I’d like to take the rest of the month to see how it goes.

3. Determine a schedule of computer time for myself. I can only do this once I figure out how and when I’m blogging and participating. But it’s important to be intentional about limiting myself. I haven’t done anything with this yet, we’ve got sickness in the house again so there isn’t much extra time!

How are y’all doing with your 3in30 goals? Keep pressing on toward the goal!

3in30 Challenge