Funky Polkadot Giraffe hosts a fun link-up every Tuesday. She gives a great opportunity for you to showcase something you’ve made in the past week! I had hoped to have pictures of Keeker’s “Easter” dress done by today, since I just finished it (4 weeks in progress – more on that later!), but alas, it was not to be so.

Instead, I threw together some stuff for her little doll bed. I picked up this cute cradle at Value Village on Saturday. No bedding or anything, and the bottom was painted a bright lilac colour.

No problem! I had lots of leftover material from a dress I made for myself last year :D, so I made a “mattress” pad and pillow, stuffed with microfleece I’ve had kicking around for cloth diaper liners for for-EVER. Really, quite thrown together :D But fine for a doll, right!

I had thought about doing a cute ruffle on the pillow, but the idea came AFTER I had already stuffed and sewn it up :0( Maybe another pillow will be in order!

The blanket I made out of more leftovers from aprons or something. Just measuring the width and length of the cradle and adding on a bit extra, sew, and presto! Done!

Tim says it looks like a manger. LOL. Actually, since we’ve had it, all 3 kids have taken turns getting in and pretending they’re babies. It’s a pretty good size, I imagine Keeker will be able to fit more than 1 baby in there!

I hope to join in for more Too Cute Tuesdays as the summer approaches and school is finishing up, so I should have more time to sew! Plus, with all the Stanley Cup playoffs, and my hubby and I cheering for different teams (I’m going for Canucks, he’s going for Bruins) I’ve been sewing and watching games almost every night we’re home!