I almost didn’t do the Scavenger Hunt challenge this week, but being home with 1 sick kid gave me a few minutes to throw these together :D



Yummy sugar cookies with glace icing!



Miss Keek with her purple tattoo and fave grape shirt – trying to learn to ride a trike. She does not give up easily – unfortunately for this mama and the 2 brothers that are racing ahead of her and have to slow down :D

In Disguise


My super handy hubby was working away last night to build me some shelves in our unfinished basement in order to tame the organization and clothing bucket beast that has erupted down there. Here he is using his phone, disguised as a level! Oh technology.



LOVE this time of year for the myriad times we get to use our cookie cutters!

Photographer’s Choice


The best friends are the friends whose kids you babysit and they bring you lattes from Starbucks :D