I dreamed a dream….watching my little girl….of what she may one day become.


Some days she wants to play blocks with the boys….maybe she’ll like to work with her hands.

 Some days she likes to be a princess….maybe she’ll make or design clothing.

Some days she loves to be immersed in books….maybe she’ll grow to be a teacher.

Some days she wants to sing to and kiss her babies….maybe she’ll be a singer.

 Some days she wants to be my little kitchen helper…maybe she’ll be a chef.

Some days she’s a mommy all ready to take her children for a walk….maybe she’ll be….a mommy.

 I dreamed a dream of what my girl might be when she grows up. And I pray, that by God’s grace, I may be an example for her to follow, and that she may become a woman after God’s own heart.