Ack! I’m falling behind on this! We’ve had 2 really crazy busy weeks and weekends (yeah, yeah, cry me a river, we’re all busy!) and it isn’t looking to really slow down any time soon. So at the risk of “cheating”, I’m going to combine these two together :D

True love is so many things….but one of them for me, is swallowing down my own laziness and bundling up the kids….

…to take them outside to enjoy the last remaining signs of snow.

Although, at this time of year, we aren’t really sure if snow will stay or go, and may come back even in May!

So while the days are sunny, we’re curing our cabin fever by getting outdoors.

Are you getting out into the nice weather? How are you curing your cabin fever? What are some sacrifices you make for your kiddos because you love them?

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