In my life this week.…I have been learning a lot about myself – my motives, my weaknesses, my desires, my triggers. I have been learning I need to lean in more on prayer – specifics. I have had some yes answers to prayer, some no answers, some wait answers. I have been on a bit of a yo-yo ride with everything, but coming back to the most important thing being the walk.

In our homeschool this week…. It’s been a light week. We had our co-op wrap up for the term yesterday and a new one starting in April. While I love our co-op so much and am so blessed to be there, this time I was teaching one class on my own and helping with another a few weeks, and it was exhausting! So I am certainly glad for the break for a while :0)

There were lessons to complete and a presentation for The Boy to give on medieval children growing up and going to school. He did so well in his practicing, but I missed the actual presentation! Fortunately it is on video so we’ll get to see him. I am so proud of him – he went from being terrified of speaking in front of people last year, to this year the complete opposite, confidence and charisma exuding from him as he speaks.

We had some letter fun with Keekers – who knew hopping on letters and sounds was so much fun!

The kids built a Fisher Price village and played for a good amount of time!

We practiced lots of spelling and reading.

How about some pushups while you spell? :D

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

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I am inspired by….Job, and his faithfulness to God – we hear about the patience of Job….but really, it is his FAITH IN GOD that causes him to be delivered. I do not want to despair, but rather to continue to put my faith in the one who holds everything in his hands.

My favourite thing this week was….watching my children play together! They get into a lot of fights and disagreements…but they are quickly forgotten when the three of them come together and play.

They had snuggles…


….and bunny parties.

friday favorite things | finding joy

I am thankful for….(counting to 1000 Gifts)

236. Cookie cutters

237. A new mug

238. Stories about Canada

239. More snow!

240. Our homeschool co-op group

241. Necklaces from Great-Grandma

242. Old winter shoes

243. New winter boots

244. Learning new actions to children’s worship songs

245. Communion Sunday

246. Dinner out with my husband, 3 hours in front of a fireplace, just together

247. Sticks from our walk used for decoration

248. The beginning of our Easter tree

249. Mourning doves and robins

250. Studying medieval children with The Boy

251. Prayer whenever needed

252. Laughter, love and encouragement from friends

253. The TRUTH

254. Let Them Be Little

255. Words: I love you

256. Early morning sun streaming in the window above the stairs

257. Laughing eyes

258. French music from a harmonica :D

259. Our messy but well-loved home

260. Boys who are willing and ready to serve.

261. Our Gospel for Asia kids

262. My marriage vows.

263. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” (Is 40:31)

264. My sparkly clean wedding rings.

265. My kitchenaid mixer.

266. Kids having quiet time.

267. A warm cup of coffee (or loose leaf tea!)

268. Pouring out my heart on paper.